scary seo

It seems like a lot but don’t worry.

With modern site-building and SEO tools and the time (and interest!) to focus on it, anybody can build their own site and optimize it for the search engines.

Yes, you can build and SEO your own site!

Choose a Host

You need a web host to make your site accessible to the world. Choose a hosting type and select a company depending on your requirements.

Build a Website

Building your own website is a lot easier than most people think, especially when you have the right tools – and a lot o them are free!


Creating Content

You need both great content and a good website to attract the right visitors/potential clients but where do you start creating the content?

Finding Images

The right image is worth a hundred words but where to find awesome stock photography – that doesn’t look like stock photography?


Do Your Own SEO

Search Engine Optimization is a lot more about logic than it is about alchemy and magic beans. There is no reason that you can’t do it yourself.

Free & Paid Tools

There are a LOT of tools available to help you with your web-building journey. Many are free or free up to a certain usage limit.  let’s look at some of them