GSC is very much a little Swiss Army knife for site owners and a necessity for DIY SEO. Getting your site verified on GSC is one of the first tasks you should undertake with a new site.

What is Google Search Console?

Google Search Console used to be known as Webmaster Tools. The old name suited it better because it is basically a collection of free tools for webmasters.  

Once you have your sites registered on Google Search Console you can do many things including:

  • upload a sitemap
  • check robots text
  • review internal and external links
  • see what queries your site ranks for
  • analyse site clickthrough rate
  • disavow bad links
  • submit a link
  • fetch as google

Google Search Console Tools


Google Verification Code


Once you verify your site in GSC, you will have access to private Google search data and can specify preferences about the ways Google crawls and displays your site.


Submit Sitemap


Submit your sitemap(s) in Google Search Console to facilitate Google site crawlers to fully crawl the site. 


Check Robots.txt


If you have a robots.txt file to tell search engines what you do and do not want them to crawl, you can check that it is working as intended in GSC.



Check Crawl Errors


GSC Crawl reports will highlight technical SEO errors like 404s,  connection timeouts, and DNS errors. 


Analyze Site Traffic

Review and compare site traffic by query, page, impression, CTR and position. Compare dates, and devices.


Indexed Pages

Review how many pages of your site are in Google’s index and remove those you do not want. Check for blocked resources.


DIY SEO is Easier with the Right Tools



Don’t let the fact that the tools made available within Google Search Console are free trick you into thinking they are not valuable.

The insight that you get into your site’s performance from the GSC console is priceless and can pinpoint areas for immediate action to improve SERPS and CTR or fix errors.

The option to set your preferred domain (www or non-www) is also very helpful as are other options within the GSC dashboard. 


How to Add a Website to Google Search Console


After creating your GSC account, click on the Add a Property button in the top right corner of the screen.
Add each variation of your website url:



This will allow you to set your preference as to how Google will display your site’s url.


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