You’ve done all the groundwork. Your website is up and you’ve got some great content in there. The only problem is the site has no traffic. No-one. Zip. Crickets.

Your Time is Valuable

 I just want someone to look over the SEO of my site and tell me what I should be doing next.

Whether it is just to stay as hands-on as possible or to avoid the expense of a full SEO management retainer there is no reason why you cannot do your own SEO.

The problem is the learning curve and staying up to date with trends. Tactics that worked a few years ago would drop your site like a stone today. 

Every minute you spend on SEO is an investment in your business. Spend it more effectively with the input of an experienced SEO consultant.


What is Going Wrong

“It’s so frustrating! I feel like I am almost there. What am I missing?”

Search engine optimization is a combination of over 200 factors so there might be many things you have not addressed including:

  • Poor keyword selection
  • Canonicalization
  • Google penalty
  • Hyper-competitive niche
  • Robots.txt
  • Poor onsite or offsite SEO
  • Bad link profile
  • No SSL Cert
  • Irrelevant content
  • Technical issues
  • Over-optimization
  • No semantic depth


DIY SEO Support


Small business SEO is not rocket science. If you have the time to dedicate to it and an interest in digital marketing, there is no reason why you should not do your own SEO. Except, there will be times when you’ve done everything you can think of to get your site ranked and your site still not getting traffic.

It’s time for an SEO Check-Up when you know something is not right with your site optimization but you can’t put your finger on what it is.

What if you could schedule a  meeting with an experienced SEO consultant to give you a little over-the-shoulder white hat SEO advice?




Cost-Effective SEO Advice

  • Do you have a genuine interest in doing your own SEO but don’t know where to start?
  • Or have taken over the responsibility from someone else but don’t know what they already did?
  • Do you suspect that your website may be hit by a Panda or Penguin penalty because of past spammy linking or thin content?
  • Or maybe you feel your site is great and you just can’t work out why it has no visitors.

SEO Check-Up Prices

You may need a one hour, one-off consultation or on-going bi-weekly or monthly support. This service is to support your own DIY SEO so the time spent and costs will be tailored to your own requirements. 

Starting from $200


Personalized SEO Advice


A Spidersauce SEO site check is personalized attention to you, your site and your current SEO endeavours.

We will meet face to face on Skype to discuss what you are doing now and how effective that may or may not be.

I will need access to your Google Analytics and Google Search Console. I may also need access to the backend of your website. depending on what kind of advice you are seeking.

There is no cookie cutter solution to SEO. Every site is different, every market is different, every site owner’s expectations are different. The first step is to make contact.


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