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Sign Up to Google Search Console

GOOGLE SEARCH CONSOLE GSC is very much a little Swiss Army knife for site owners and a necessity for DIY SEO. Getting your site verified on GSC is one of the first tasks you should undertake with a new site. What is Google Search Console? Google Search Console used to...

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Google ‘Site may be hacked’ Message

Not a good sign Freakier than a spider in the bath, the Google 'This site may be hacked' alert added to your listing in the SERPs is guaranteed to keep visitors away in droves. And often, noticing this label is the first inkling you have that something may be wrong....

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White-Hat SEO Advice from Trusted SEO Guides

White Hat SEO Advice If you were about to embark on a business trip to a strange (and possibly hostile) land, you would be mad as a box of frogs not to do some research first. For travel advice, you might look to government advisories, on and offline business and...

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