Link Building and Link Profiles

The Good, the Bad and the Ugly

No wonder the site has hardly any visitors and is struggling to pay for itself after over five years online. So far it has not incurred either a manual link penalty or been snared in Google’s Penguin algorithm but a deeper dive into the links showed that surely this was only a matter of time.

First priority here is to shuck off the scaly skin of old, bad links and make a fresh start.  Stay tuned for articles on how to do that, how to build links safely and how maintain a healthy link profile.

Link building - URL rating

Where are you now?

Of all the scary aspects of search engine optimization, link building is the scariest. For site owners, it’s also one of the areas that is most likely to have been poorly executed in the past and therefore adversely affecting the site now. The table below shows the link quality in a site that has been online for years. Many grubby fingers have messed about in the link profile of this site and investigation showed every spammy trick from PBNs to links to spun content.

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